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  • Name:Bookmaker Sportsbook
  • Established:1997
  • Jurisdiction:Costa Rica
  • Software:Proprietary
  • Phone:1-888-218-4629
  • Email:Internal Form
  • Bonus:50% up to $300
  • Bonus Code:N/A -Use Links
  • USA Accepted:Yes


"Where the Line Originates" is BookMaker's slogan, and there's actually a lot of truth in that. With about 30 years of experience providing legal sports-betting options, BookMaker is hands down one of the best online sportsbooks operating today. This isn't just some run-of-the-mill gambling site. BookMaker has been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, The LA Times, and even the Wall Street Journal. They're an American company operated out of San Jose, Costa Rica, and they offer their services to numerous nations around the globe. They offer regular lines on a slew of sports, special events betting, prop betting, online casino games, bingo, poker, and so much more. More than a mere sportsbook, BookMaker is like a gambler's dream. And as far as their slogan is concerned, BookMaker actually receives the lines well in advance of other sites and institutions. In fact, action on BookMaker helps to shape how lines develop for some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Why is BookMaker a Legitimate Site?

Perhaps more than anything, BookMaker's longevity is what makes them such a legitimate website. While the site itself hasn't been around for 30 years, obviously, their parent company has. BetCRIS is one of the premier names in online gambling, and they have a host of online sites. They got started way back in 1985, and in the early days they ran a bookies out of phone shops. Wanting to present a legitimate opportunity and to rid the field of all the many scammers out there, BookMaker was born. Over the years with their website, BookMaker has excelled at providing the most options, premier customer service, and a very safe environment in which gamblers can simply bet and enjoy sports.

Some of the Bonuses Offered By BookMaker

Before you break into the many different options BookMaker offers in terms of betting, you're first going to notice the many bonuses. At first, they don't seem that lucrative, as the first one that catches your eye is a 50% deposit match on your first deposit. However, you will find that the bonuses don't end there. BookMaker also provides players with a 10% reload bonus. So, say you put in $50 and end up losing it. Well, every time you deposit more money to reload your account, you will get a 10% bump. Sure, that doesn't seem like much, but $10 free on a $100 deposit can be used to bet well and build up a stake without ever having to dip into your own money. There's also an 8% cashback bonus for all horse betting wagers. For regular members, new bonuses will be delivered to your phone and email, so keep your eyes open.

What are the Betting Options at BookMaker?

One of the things that stands out the most in favor of BookMaker is that they offer every type of line you can find at a live location, and so much more. What this means is that you will find every sort of line you're accustomed to with the sport of your choosing. For example, with an NFL game, you're going to find over-unders, point spreads, live-time by-quarter and by-half bets, prop wagers, and more. You can also really dig into the genre and start betting parlays and other structured betting options to leverage and ultimately improve your chances of winning the bet. The site will notify you well in advance of the lines available for the sport. You will see all the many line options that are available to you, and you can always look at live and prop sections to find even more.

What Types of Sports and Events are Covered at BookMaker?

To properly cover all of the betting options at BookMaker, it would require a five-part series of reviews. They literally offer something in every popular sport around the globe. Their big thing right now (at the time this was written: Summer 2016) is baseball, and players can bet not only on the outcome of games but also on inning-to-inning scores and more live-time options, including prop bets. They have line options for horses, greyhounds, football, basketball, soccer, special events, and so much more. You can even find niche sports that don't operate with much fanfare, like tennis, niche motor racing, European-based games, and more. And from the Super Bowl and World Cup to Wimbledon and the Daytona 500, BookMaker has some serious action happening on every major sporting event around the globe.

Does BookMaker Have Mobile Sports-Betting Options?

Another aspect of BookMaker working in its corner to make it a legitimate site is that you're not constrained to your home computer to bet. If you like betting on the go and as part of your lifestyle, then you can simply download the BookMaker mobile app and get the same type of functionality on your smartphone or tablet. The only thing you're sacrificing here is screen size. You still have the exact features provided on the full-size site, and BookMaker even adds some extra incentive with occasional mobile-specific bonuses and promotions. Their mobile sports betting app is rated very highly and has a solid connection with good graphics, without being processor intensive.

Depositing Methods Offered by BookMaker

BookMaker doesn't ban any entire nation, although some states and territories might be considered off limits. However, this does not mean that every e-wallet and deposit method under the sun is going to work for you. It all depends on where you're located and how that particular method operates. So, before you deposit anything, make sure you check to see if you qualify. Overall, though, you will find a few great options with BookMaker, including Visa, Eco Card, iPoint, P2P transfers (e.g. Walmart), Pic-Club, and some bank transfers. You should have little trouble finding a good method with these to choose from.

Withdrawal Methods Offered by BookMaker

With a gambling website, the only thing more important than getting your money in is making sure that you can get your money out. Just as with the deposit info above, make sure that the withdrawal method you're attempting to use actually allows you to use it. You don't want your money getting stuck in limbo. That aside, you can receive a paper check, get a bank transfer, receive a courier check, get money put on a debit, or the P2P option. There aren't quite as many withdrawal options, and some cost money, but they're all reliable.

BookMaker Sportsbook Summary

BookMaker is a very large sportsbook with so many options that you will probably realistically never get to them all. There's simply too much to bet on. Not only do you have all the sports that are popular around the globe, but you can also play poker, casino games and bingo from the site. Plus you can get into a slew of live betting options, proposition wagers, and more. BookMaker has grown a lot over the years, and today's they're one of the biggest sites around.

They take customer service seriously, offering live chat options and employing a professional staff that's friendly and knowledgeable. They also understand today's trend toward mobile computing, and so their mobile app runs extremely well given that there are so many different options at BookMaker. At the end of the day, BookMaker is a legitimate site that treats people well and provides a whole lot to bet on. And that's as much as any gambler can ask for.

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