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Identifying Legal Basketball Betting Sites

USA players who are looking for legal basketball betting options are going to have to look a little further than their own back yard. Unfortunately, this segment of the online gambling industry has not yet been embraced by some portions of the community, and we don't see much indication that decision makers in America will warm up to online basketball wagering, or any type of athletic or legal sports betting opportunities anytime soon. In fact, New Jersey has recently made an attempt to legalize this betting platform in their own state and not only were they shot down, but they are being opposed through a lawsuit that is backed by both professional sports leagues, including the NBA, as well as collegiate leagues, among others. That is pretty significant opposition.

Couple the lawsuit with the fact that the DOJ has openly stated that the Federal Wire Act prohibits online sports betting in the US, and the uphill battle for this industry becomes glaringly clear. However, there are not any federal laws which prohibit us from engaging in legal and regulated sports wagering that is based outside of the USA. I actually don't feel too put off by the lack of support in the US for my favorite form of gambling entertainment. I am satisfied with the legal sportsbook brands that I already use which are located, legally licensed and regulated outside of the United States. They provide me with everything I'm looking for in my gambling experience, and they do it legally. Unless these options exit the US market for some reason, it really won't bother me for the good old US of A to take her sweet time in coming around on this venue.

The following basketball betting sites are all verified to be operating legitimately within the industry as legally licensed and certified operations, and surpass industry and licensing requirements when it comes to security, compliance and overall quality. We have personally vetted each brand, and have found them to be reputable, trustworthy and very secure options for both US and international bettors. Several of them offer mobile sports betting options, and all of them are designated as fast paying sportsbooks. We recommend these brands to you as both professionals and as registered bettors at each of them. You will notice that the information below includes access to a detailed sportsbook review on each brand to provide helpful information for you as you determine the best options for your specific circumstances.

Secure Legal Online Basketball Sports Betting Sites Open To USA Players

1. Bovada Sportsbook - 50% Max $250

Bovada Sportsbook
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2. Betonline Sportsbook - 25% Bonus For Life

Betonline Sportsbook
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3. - 25% Bonus For Life
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • %25 Bonus on all deposits
  • Casino, live dealer games, poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting

4. Bookmaker - 15% Up To $2500

Bookmaker Sportsbook
  • $2500 Welcome Bonus
  • Launched in 1997
  • Accepts USA Players
  • Offers a Mobile Betting App & Live Betting

NBA Betting Options

Legal betting on the NBA basketball venue is a multibillion dollar a year industry. The season is long, with an extremely active schedule, and the playoff post season events never disappoint. Personally, I'm more of a college basketball fan, and find the raw, unrefined talent in these kids a bit more refreshing than the NBA personality itself. This does not mean that I don't get into the NBA season with a lot of enthusiasm. The Internet sportsbooks that I favor do offer some nice incentives with seasonal promos and contests, and the NBA props are a lot of fun to get into. I find that the live, in-play betting adds some stimulating challenges to my wagering action, and for me that makes it a lot more enjoyable during the game. Basketball is such a fast paced game, particularly when compared to football and baseball, and keeping up with the game well enough to participate in the in-play betting is a killer experience.

College Basketball Betting

College basketball is one of my favorite niches in sports as a whole. I love the way they play their hearts out and demonstrate such fervor without the multi-million dollar paychecks. I see them as un-spoiled by what is yet to come for some of the best players. We all have our favorite teams and players each year, and we all love to see these guys move on to the NBA when their time comes. The NCAAB post season playoff events are some of the most popular events that bettors focus on all year, with bettors spending considerable more money on wagers for college basketball playoffs than the NBA playoffs. Looks like I'm not the only one who prefers the collegiate scene. How much money is wagered on March Madness? An estimated $12 billion dollars is wagered on the college basketball playoff tournaments, as opposed to about half of that amount being wagered on the NBA playoffs. That's a spread in and of itself.

March Madness

March Madness is where the best college basketball teams in America are selected to play in a single-elimination tournament in March, to determine who the best NCAAB team in the land is. The teams are chosen by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) on Selection Sunday. The total number of teams in the tournament is 68. 32 of these teams are given automatic spots for winning their conference championships, and the remaining 36 teams are chosen by the selection committee (which is sometimes controversial). A lot of people do not like that a team's record does not solely determine the selection process. As the tournament progresses, the structure breaks down like this: the Sweet Sixteen teams remain as the top 16 candidates in the tournament, which then play on to be whittled down to the Elite Eight, who then compete with each other to render the Final Four teams in the tournament. This is when things get really down to the wire and intense, ultimately leading to the NCAAB Champion.

The teams are divided into 4 regions with 16 teams in each region. The top 4 teams will each be placed in a region. After that, the next 4 best teams are equally distributed and so on until all brackets are filled. The odds of picking all of the games perfectly are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Warren Buffet, with Quicken Loans and Berkshire Hathaway is offering $1 billion to anyone who can pick the perfect tournament bracket for 2014.

This year (2014), Selection Sunday is on March 16th. The 1st round games are on March 18th and games will continue until the championship game on April 7th.

March Madness Stats:

What Clues To Look For When Betting College Basketball

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