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From among all the moments in each NFL season that is considered monumental by sports fans, none compare to the Super Bowl game. This is one of the most watched events worldwide and garners the most sports betting action of the entire season. As most football fans are aware, there are very few destinations within the United States that allow legal sportsbook gambling. Due to the PASPA law and the Federal Wire Act, this is not likely to change anytime soon. However, there are still opportunities to legally bet on the Super Bowl through licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks that accept USA players. There are no federal laws that prohibit American players from enjoying this type of legally sanctioned sports betting. Legal football betting is gaining momentum rapidly among USA football fans and has driven the fantasy sports betting industry dramatically. Regulated and legal NFL betting has been available in the UK and other international regions around the globe, hence non-USA bettors face far fewer restrictions and challenges in accessing legitimate sportsbook gambling sites. This page will provide information on legal sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl betting lines as well as provide you with an insightful preview into the upcoming 2016 Super Bowl 51.

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Super Bowl 50 in Preview: The Unrelenting Panthers' Offense V the Broncos' Ferocious Defense

Although many sports personalities were saying all year that the Broncos' Peyton Manning was washed up and that the Carolina Panthers were playing over their heads with their record, and in a poor division, we might get to experience one of the most exciting Super Bowl games in history. The Broncos don't have a high-powered offense, but they have the league's #1 defense, very similar to a Seattle Seahawks team that beat Denver in Super Bowl 48. The Panthers, on the other hand, have the league's #1 offense, much like Denver had in 48 against the #1 defense. So to accurately predict how this game is going to end up is a tall task. It really all depends on how the tone is set. For instance, if Denver's D can get a pass rush on Newton, forcing him outside the pocket, that kills Carolina's game. One might think that the Panthers are all about Newton scrambling, but that's only true around the goal line. He was the league's #1-rated pocket passer in the 2nd half of the NFL season, so the Panthers rely heavily on throwing the ball down the field in a classic-style offense.

DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller on the ends, and studs in the interior, Denver's defensive front is one of the best seen in the Super Bowl era. And Carolina's offense is one of the most high-powered we have seen in years. It's truly going to be a battle of wills, with turnovers and missed opportunities likely making the difference. The odds that one team just dominates the other are very slim. Denver has a lot more to prove than Carolina, and Carolina is a lot better than Denver on paper.

One match-up to watch is Carolina's defense against a Manning-led offense. While he might not have the arm strength he used to, Manning's mind still works very well, and those play-action quick-slant plays Manning runs so well can keep drives alive. Carolina needs to control the line of scrimmage and stop Denver's running attack to the tune of 2 yards per carry. If Denver's running-backs start eating up 5 and 6 yards a carry, leaving Denver with 3rd and 5s and under, Denver will be able to drive the ball down the field easily. For as old as Manning is, he can still fit that ball into a keyhole anywhere 20 yards and under. And just when Josh Norman and the Carolina secondary start to press, Denver has some receivers who can flat-out fly in Emanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. So unless Carolina can stuff the run from Denver, all of the Broncos' offensive options open up, including their downfield passing game. And if you think Manning can no longer find receivers downfield, just ask the Patriots how that's working out. He had two TD passes in the AFC Championship, one deep sluggo route, and one end-zone fade for about 30 yards. He's old, and hurt, but he's still Peyton Manning.

The next match-up to watch closely is how Denver's defense executes against the Panthers' onslaught of offensive options. Newton's mobility means that he's going to be a lot harder to hit than Tom Brady. He will make some rushers miss, and this will buy him time. If Denver's secondary breaks down, look for big yardage plays to Greg Olsen and Ted Ginn, Jr. What Denver needs to do is contain Newton and force him up into the pocket. Although he was highly rated as a pocket passer, you have to realize that he did this without pressure to pass. If the ends are contained and all Newton can do is exploit the middle of the field, he may be forced into errant throws for incompletions and interceptions. Of course, if Denver cannot pressure, they're going to be picked apart.

The game is sure to be exciting, and both teams are sure to give their best. Carolina feels as if they have been underrated this entire year, while the Broncos have two great reasons to give 100% on every play. 1) They were annihilated two years ago in this game; 2) It may be Manning's last game. So if you think it's just going to be a one-sided blowout, you may want to think again. Denver is going to show up for this game, and it's going to be one for the ages.

Current Betting Odds For The 2016 Super Bowl Game

If you're planning to bet on the Super Bowl, here are the current odds of the game:

Carolina Panthers: -5 ½

Denver Broncos: +5 ½

Over-under 45 ½

Research these teams and make a responsible bet. Don't simply throw your money down thinking it will be a one-sided blowout. Denver is likely to exceed expectations in this game, and it's yet unproven if the Panthers' players can live up to the big moment.

(Keep in mind that the lines may move as the game gets closer.)

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