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Tennis Betting - Understanding Your Options for Legally Betting on Tennis Matches

Sports bettors who are interested in wagering on tennis betting lines have a couple of options. Option #1 involves traveling to a major gambling destination such as Vegas or Atlantic City to access legal sports betting options administered by a brick and mortar sportsbook, usually located within a respected land based casino. The second option, accessing online sports book opportunities, calls into question the legality of this type of gambling here in the US. Online sports betting that is located and licensed within the United States does not exist. It is currently not legal to operate an online sportsbook in the US. New Jersey has attempted to legalize Internet sports wagering for their residents and have been shot down and currently has a lawsuit pending, while facing powerful opposition from the professional and collegiate leagues. This does not however eliminate all options for American players.

There are a number of legal operations which provide a secure and reliable gambling environment that is subject to strict licensing and regulatory oversight, and that welcome US players to their site. Because they are legally licensed and regulated, they are operating legitimately within the industry. There are no federal laws which prohibit players from participating in sports betting at these sites. I personally have been doing so for years, and am very satisfied with my sportsbook wagering options. The fact that the USA has not gotten on board with making this entertainment available to adults through licensed gambling sites operating here domestically does not really bother me. I am very pleased with my options at this point and can watch industry professionals and government officials argue over the legitimate interpretation of the Federal Wire Act forever, it really won't affect me or my betting.

While Tennis is really not my favorite sport, I have some friends and a family member or two who never miss a match if it is televised. Those who love the sport seem to be really dedicated fans. While I don't fall into that category, I do still enjoy some legal tennis betting during select matches and events. Not because I love watching the game, in fact I don't watch it. I enjoy betting on tennis because surprisingly, if you're willing to take a few risks, there are definitely financial rewards to be had with this sport and its betting lines. I don't typically go with the safe bets on the top ranked players. I prefer to watch trending within the sport and go with a streaking player who is just hot at the moment but that has some significant odds against them. Those payouts are huge when you get it right. These opportunities are available with both the ATP and WTA venues, it does take some astute industry watching though to recognize and optimize those opportunities. Because these opportunities can be spur of the moment, I do require an 'on the go' type access to sports betting, and all of the sportsbooks at which I participate do offer a mobile sports betting option that is well designed and effective.

Along with mobile options, I also only consider brands which have been confirmed to hold legal licensing and compliance certifications, as well as a sophisticated security profile, a state of the art and feature rich interface, a secure and efficient banking suite, and to be among the fastest paying sports betting sites. We go into many of these types of details in our sportsbook reviews on each of the brands you find listed below. These reviews will provide you with enough information to help you determine if the brand in question will appeal to your wagering preferences.

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Understanding How Tennis Betting Lines Work

The most common types of betting lines for tennis include simple moneyline, futures and prop bets. Because it is nearly impossible to meaningfully measure how much a player wins or loses by, point spreads simply are not applicable; hence you won't see them in the betting lines. All that really matters once everything is said and done is who wins and who loses the match. This being the case, you will see moneyline wagers available on tennis betting lines. The money line value determines the amount of risk needed to win a certain amount. Futures tennis bets are opportunities to bet on major events long before they occur. If you're willing to take a risk and you're confident of your predictions, these bets can pay off much bigger than the ones available at the time of the event. But, they can also be long shots where anything could happen. I rely on my 'gut feelings' for futures bets and sometimes I'm just in the mood to wager something a little more surprising and risky. Props bets allow you to bet on specific predictions regarding performance and player action. It can get very detailed and is really pretty enjoyable. I haven't tried the tennis props bets, but I have often done the football and basketball ones and it really adds an intriguing element to your betting experience.

Best Tennis Tournaments to Bet On

Most bettors are interested in getting in on the popular tournament events in the tennis sports arena, so we thought that we would provide you with a little overview of each event and what you can expect from each of them. While most people don't have the opportunity or the time to attend major tennis events, most of the good ones are televised for you to watch on TV or online. To be honest, the only time I watch a tennis tournament is if I have placed a hefty wager on one of the players and I'm hoping for a nice payout. If I don't watch live, I'll record it and watch it before checking the results of my bet online. It is just more fun that way. Following is some information on the major tennis events. We're assuming if you're reading this you are likely already a fan of tennis and we assume a basic understanding of the industry at this point.

Betting on Wimbledon

Wimbledon is probably considered by many to be one of the biggest tennis events of the year. It is certainly one of the most well known, even among bettors who are not tennis fans. This tournament has a men's and women's division, and is played in the summer, typically late June – early July. The best players from the ATP and WTA usually occupy the spots in the finals. However, we cannot discount the low ranked player who unexpectedly gets a hot streak going that leads up to the tournament to make it in and qualify. It happens every year, and the bettor who is watching closely can exploit that circumstance to yield a nice underdog payoff, which we all know is the best kind of payout there is. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and has been known to entertain the surprise and rare underdog championship wins. Anything can happen at The Championships (the tournament's official title). Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam event played on grass, and gives those who prefer that surface a slight edge. This is the type of detail that bettors would be wise to consider when doing their homework regarding the strengths and weaknesses of specific players. Wimbledon is the third Grand Slam event each year, so watching the previous two events can provide a lot of valuable information to those betting on Wimbledon. You can get the latest news about this tournament on the official Wimbledon website.

Betting on the French Open

The French Open is the second of the Grand Slam tournaments played every year, and is the only one that is played on a clay court surface. It takes place over a two week period in Paris, France and is usually held in late May or early June, a nice time of year to visit Paris if you are so inclined. This event is considered to be the most physically demanding tournament event in the world. This is partially due to the clay surface being considered a slow playing surface and because of the five set matches in the men's singles without a tie break in the final set. While Rafael Nadal has become known as the King of Clay due to his many victories in the French Open, the women's side is quite different with no woman repeating from 2007 all the way to 2012. While Nadal has held steady, there have been six different female champions in that time frame.

Betting on the US Open Tennis Tournament

This event is the last of the Grand Slam tournaments for the year, and is usually played over a 2 week period in late August and early September each year. Previously the US Open only followed one venue, the men's singles, and decided the champion from among that sector of tennis players. This has changed and the current day US Open covers the men's and women's singles now, and also the men's and women's doubles and mixed doubles. Despite the inclusion of doubles matches, the primary focus at the US Open is men's and women's singles matchups. Bettors will find some of the most advantageous circumstances for capturing a streaking player who has been underrated and who is going to be facing a favorite who has some type of disadvantage such as an injury or unexplained struggle with performance. You have to watch closely for these prize moments, but they are indeed present at the US Open. You can visit the official US Open website for scheduling information.

Betting on the Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, and takes place over the final two weeks in January in Melbourne, Australia. It was first held in 1905, and from among the four majors in the Grand Slam, it is the youngest. This tournament includes some unique competition from the other major events, including the Junior's Championships, wheelchair events, and exhibition events. Leaving Wimbledon as the only Grand Slam event played on grass, ever since 2008 the Australian Open is now played on plexicushion, which is a hard court surface. A unique fact about the Australian Open is that it was the first Grand Slam event to offer indoor playing options should the weather take a turn for the worse. Two arenas are available that are both equipped with sophisticated retractable roofs. To learn more about this tournament, you can visit the official Australian Open website.

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