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Baseball is considered the all American pastime, and captures us young, from playing in the street with the neighbor's kids to playing little league and school sports. We grow up either playing it or loving it. With this game being so deeply ingrained in the fabric of the US, we would expect that America would be a little warmer towards betting on baseball or towards legal sports betting in general. This is not the case, and it is currently not legal to operate an online sportsbook within the United States. The professional and collegiate sports leagues are opposed to it, and the DOJ has openly stated that the Federal Wire Act expressly prohibits online sports wagering in the US. That being said, you've probably already concluded that you're not going to find legal online sports betting that is licensed and regulated in the USA. While most would not consider this good news, I consider it rather inconsequential. I've never been one to patiently wait; instead I found legally licensed and regulated alternatives that are located overseas within governing jurisdictions that have specifically legalized online sports betting for their respective territories. These sites offer competitive lines and odds for MLB World Series betting as well as the College World Series and other key moment in the baseball season of these two leagues.

Access to these legal sports betting brands has been my saving grace, and provides me with all the betting action I can handle in a safe and secure gaming environment. The feds may have put a stop to the wagering that is operated within the nation's borders, but there are not any federal laws which criminalize or prohibit American players from participating at legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks. I'm not an advocate of breaking any laws; I'm just not the bad boy type. However all of the brands at which I am a registered bettor are legitimate and legal operations in every respect, which allows them to legally offer their services to US bettors.

Below you will find access to these legally licensed and regulated online baseball betting sportsbooks which provide a legitimate, secure, and overall high quality online betting experience that is licensed, certified and regulated by a respected governing jurisdiction, as well as a detailed and helpful sportsbook review on each brand. We have placed each of these brands through an intense review process to determine their legitimacy and value to bettors, and to evaluate their status as a fast paying sportsbook. We also examine how feature rich and innovative their offerings are and if they offer mobile sports betting and in play live betting to their players. . At least one member of our team is a registered real money player at each of these brands, and provides continuous feedback on an ongoing basis to for long term monitoring of these sites. We don't just give them our stamp of approval and disappear, we keep a close eye on them moving forward, particularly during any type of changes being made to their site or their corporate ownership.

Safe Legal USA Online Baseball Sports Betting Sites

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4. Bookmaker - 15% Up To $2500

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Major League Baseball

The MLB consists of 2 Divisions: The American League and the National League. In the past American League teams only played against other American League teams with the same process applying to the National League. In the year 2000, they became one combined organization and teams can now play each other from the other divisions. Currently there are 30 teams in the MLB, 29 from America and one from Canada (Toronto Blue Jays).

Baseball has a long rich history. The first team was the Cincinnati Red Stocking in the year 1869. Baseball has had a lot to overcome. There were scandals, the Great Depression, the race barrier, and World War 2. Baseball was so loved that President Roosevelt kept baseball going even under a time of heavy rationing. By 1953 there were 16 baseball teams and it has been growing ever since.

Currently, there are 162 games played each year. The first game is played on the first Sunday in April and concludes in October. In the post season there are 6 play-off spots for the division winners and 4 wild card spots. The wild card teams have a 1 game play-off. The winner of the wild-card spot will play the best team in the division (#1 seed) for the best of 5 games. When the final 2 teams play each other in each division they will play the best of 7 games. The winner of each will go into the World Series.

College Baseball

The first college baseball game was in 1859 between Amherst College and Williams College. In baseball, more players make it from high school to the big leagues than basketball or football. If you go to a 4 year college you must attend at least 3 years, or turn 21, before you can be drafted to the big leagues. Many players go through the minor leagues and farm clubs rather than attend college.

There is a college World Series. It is made up of 64 teams and is a double elimination tournament. There are 4 teams in 16 different regions. 16 teams will come out of this and go on to the Super Regionals. 8 winners will go to the World Series for a double elimination tournament-the 2 winning teams from this group will play for the title.


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