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Fastest Paying Sportsbooks - Accessing The Sports Betting Sites Offering Secure and Efficient Withdrawals For Their Players

Anyone who engages in legal online sports betting expects to eventually receive their winnings. An extensive evaluation concerning the efficiency of a sportsbook's banking suite is an integral part of the review process that I implement in determining which Internet sports betting sites I will participate at. Having access to the fastest paying sports books is important to me, and I imagine to all bettors out there. Any site which has a poor reputation throughout the industry among players and professionals for slow payouts or having issues concerning payouts is never considered an option for me. I absolutely do not tolerate any gambling operation playing games with my money or holding onto my money. I want my payouts processed timely and efficiently with minimal effort on my part. I have these same expectations for my mobile sports betting activity as well.

There are two primary payout methods that web based sportsbooks utilize to pay US players. With the first one, check by courier, is simple and typically arrives within a week or two. Bovada, which is where I play most often, usually has my payment to me within a week when I use this payment method. The second option is for digital funds transfer either by bank wire or money transfer. These options are typically faster and can be available to players within 48 hours of the transfer being initiated. I usually opt for the check by carrier for several reasons. For one, I get one free check per month with no fees associated with it. The money transfers usually have a fee applied, and the bank wires are not that much faster than sending the check. Secondly, it is just more convenient without additional paperwork or having to pick the funds up at a money transfer location.

The payout process is one of the reasons why bettors must be so selective in choosing the brands to which they give their business. Having great betting lines, big bonuses and an impressive user interface doesn't mean anything if you can't get to your winnings. We provide several sports betting site reviews in this resource guide. Our review process is intense and a brand's banking suite is one of the critical elements that we go through with a fine tooth comb. We verify this information thoroughly so that our recommendations to you only include the safest and most legitimate options. This information is covered in our detailed sportsbook reviews that we have done on each brand, and is also discussed in the table below.

We genuinely want to assist players in reaching safe, reliable, and reputable gambling destinations. Relying on the input of industry consultants ensures that you end up at legitimate sportsbooks which protect your sensitive financial data and processes your deposits and withdrawals timely and efficiently. Our reviews feature online sports book brands that meet our standards as recommended brands to our visitors, and are also websites that I myself am a registered player at, and regularly participate at. I will tell you straight up that Bovada Sportsbook is my favorite online gambling brand. They take great care of me when I'm there and they handle my money the way I want them to. I get my payments within a week even using their slowest method. I've been a customer of theirs for several years and have never had the first issue with receiving my winnings.

Selecting an online gambling site based off of the search results on Google is a risky approach. Many undesirable and unethical brands are able to present an extremely professional appearance which manipulates bettors into accepting them as legitimate brands. These types of sites are only in it to steal your money and are typically successful at this. Following is a list of the legitimate online sports betting site brands that I recommend. I participate at these brands and can personally vouch from personal experience and how professional their banking suite operations are. They are among the fastest paying sportsbooks in the industry and offer high quality banking options.

Fastest Paying Sports Betting Sites - Some Offering Same Day Payouts

1. Bovada Sportsbook - 50% Max $250

Bovada Sportsbook
  • Most Trusted Sportsbook
  • Only Caters To USA Players
  • Poker + Casino Betting Available
  • Fast Payouts, Mobile + Live Sports Betting

Bovada Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods: check by courier, bank wire, money transfer, wire transfer.


Bovada offers four different options for receiving your payment from their banking suite. Checked by courier is the one I use most often. Bovada players are eligible for one free withdrawal per month by this method and checks are processed for shipment within 4 to 7 days. My payment has always arrived within seven days, so I think the four-day turnaround or sending out payments by check is typical. I've never experienced issues depositing this check or having it credited to my bank account.


Another option offered is payment through bank wire transfer in which Bovada transfers the funds directly to your bank account. The minimum transfer for a bank wire at Bovada is $3000 and the turnaround time is approximately 5 to 10 day. I've never used this option so I cannot confirm the typical turnaround time frame. According to Bovada , it is dependent on the volume of payments which they are processing. The funds are transferred as foreign-currency and cannot exceed $9500 per transfer.


Money transfers are not eligible as your one free withdrawal per month but are typically available for pickup within three days and carry a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. There are fees associated with this option ranging from $50-$200 depending on the amount being transferred. There is also a maximum of $2000 per money transfer. Along the same lines they offer rapid transfer payments which max out at $800 per payment with a minimum withdrawal of $100 and are typically available within 48 hours of transfer. The fees for Rapid Transfer range from $20 - $60.

2. Betonline Sportsbook - 25% Bonus For Life

Betonline Sportsbook
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • 25% Reload Bonus for Life
  • Also offers Live Dealer Games, casino & poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting

BetOnline Sportsbook Withdrawal methods: Person to Person Money Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque by mail, Cheque by courier, Cheque Express, Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book.


BetOnline Sportsbook offers a wider range of payment methods because they also support International players and include options that benefit them as well. US players can opt for a Person to Person money transfer, bank wire transfer or cheque. The minimum withdrawal amount for bank wires or cheques is $500. Each option does carry a fee associated with them. The multiple cheque options take varying periods of time for processing and carry fees ranging from $25 - $50, while the Bank Wire is typically processed within a week and carries fees ranging from $45 - $75. They list their turnaround for cheque by mail as being up to 30 days, however it has always been much quicker for me, with the longest turnaround that I personally have experienced only taking 2 weeks.


The money transfer option is available within 24 – 36 hours from your payout request, has a minimum withdrawal value of $50, and carries a fee ranging from $34 - $185. I love participating at BetOnline, however their banking suite is a little harder to work with concerning fees and minimum withdrawal amounts than Bovada's options are.


US players can opt to use Book to Book if they would like to transfer their funds to a participating sportsbook brand within the system. International players can withdraw by the additional options of Skrill and Neteller. I do think that their published turnaround times are expanded to give them leeway in processing and that they typically end up turning payments around faster than they are obligated to based on their terms.

3. Bookmaker - 15% Bonus Max $2500

Bookmaker Has The Biggest Withdrawal Limts Of All Sportsbooks
  • $2500 Welcome Bonus
  • Biggest Withdrawal Limits (50K)
  • Great Deposit Options
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting

Bookmaker Withdrawal methods: Bank Wires, Checks Via Courrier, Money Orders, Money Transfers, Bitcoin, Neteller and Ecocard - Keep in mind some of these options aren't listed on their website. But I assure you they are available once you open up an account.


Bookmaker is part of the Betcris and DSI family of online bookies. They have been around for over 20 years online and have a perfect reputation with players. They truly are a 5star brand. What sets them apart from most other sportsbooks is the fact that they allow players to withdrawl up to $50K at once. The kicker is it has to be a minimum of $10K to quality for a bank wire. It's still a really nice reason to play here. When other sportsbooks nickel and dime you with $3K max checks, Bookmaker will send you your entire balance over night. That's probably why they land the heavy hitters, and don't blink an eye. They love the action just as much as the players do.

4. - 25% Bonus For Life
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • %25 Bonus on all deposits
  • Casino, live dealer games, poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting Withdrawal methods: Person to Person, Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque by mail, Cheque by courier, Cheque Express, Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book.


Being the sister site to BetOnline, you'll find identical payment options and terms at this legal online sports betting option. Their banking suite is not quite as bettor friendly for US players as Bovada is, but the overall brand quality is worth the hassle in my opinion. Their withdrawal minimums and associated fees are as follows: Cheque withdrawal minimum is $500, and fees range from $25 - $50; Bank Wire withdrawal minimum is $500 with an associated fee range of $25 - $75; Money transfer options hold a $50 minimum withdrawal and fee ranging from $34 - $185.


International players also have the additional options of Neteller and Skrill. They are a close match to Bovada as far as quality and reliability with sports wagering goes. Payouts are handled timely and efficiently. Their check by mail turnaround is listed at 30 days, however I have always received my payouts much faster. I think they list that time frame as a fail safe for those instances when it takes longer for snail mail to arrive and to give themselves a buffer period.

    Most Reputable Site

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