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Golf Betting - Where To Find Legal Sites for Betting on Golf

Finding legal golf betting options for US players is not as hard as gambling opponents want you to believe. No, you're not going to find this here in the US. The DOJ's unyielding position regarding the Federal Wire Act is going to make it a very difficult and uphill battle should we pursue the option of legalizing online sports betting in the US. While many bettors are wholeheartedly in favor of embracing US based sports betting, there are some pretty powerful opponents to the whole concept, including the professional sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, as well as the collegiate sector that includes the NCAA. They have the money and resources for funding a long and unpleasant standoff.

I intend to simply continue to access legal online sports betting the same way I always have, through legally licensed and certified online sports betting sites located outside of the United States. There are no federal laws which prohibit players from visiting and participating in online gambling at these sites. Online gambling on sports is a long way off from being licensed and regulated within the USA, but as long as the offshore options provide a safe and legal gaming environment, I really don't mind that the US is a bit discombobulated on the matter.

The options that you see below offer the opportunity to bet on golf events, and have each been carefully reviewed by our team of review specialists. While the list is not incredibly long, we were much more focused on finding brands which are legitimate, legal and offer a safe and high quality wagering experience. Each site you see here is legally licensed and regulated, and boasts a sophisticated security profile to keep your personal information safe and secure. They also feature a wide range of betting lines and wagering option, including a strong selection of golf lines. Most of these brands offer a well developed mobile sports betting platform, and you will learn from the detailed sportsbook reviews we've included that each of them is also among the fastest paying sportsbook brands on the Web.

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4. Bookmaker - 15% Up To $2500

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An Inside Look at the Golf Industry

Golf is an extremely old sport. It started in Scotland hundreds of years ago. There is a lot of controversy as to when it was exactly invented. For example, is hitting a ball with a stick in laundry basket truly golf? Golf like activities are mentioned in many countries from the 13th century. Yet, golf, with rules, 18 holes, and equipment was more formalized in Scotland. The first rules were written in the 1700's

The United States Golf Association (USGA) was established in 1894. The USGA started because several different country clubs had tournaments with winners and all thought that they had the best. The USGA took on the responsibilities of establishing a uniform set of rules and establishing the championships. There is also a women's tour, a senior's tour, and Amateur Tour that the USGA manages. The PGA Tour sets up and manages the current tournaments in a golf season. The PGA Tour began because players and management disagreed on how money's should be distributed. Golf was growing and TV coverage and merchandise created more revenue. The players wanted the tournaments to have bigger payouts and management wanted the money to go back into infrastructure.

Today, there are 45 official tournaments that virtually go all year around. The major championships that carry the most prestige and the big purses are the Masters (held in April), the U.S. Open (held in June), the Open Championship (held in July), and the PGA Championship (held in August). There are other big tournaments (like the Ryder Cup), but everyone is usually more concerned with the Majors.


Types of Bets in Golf

1. There are several ways that you can bet on golf. First, you can bet that a player will win a tournament. Second, you can bet that a golfer will finish in the top 3, future bets, and you can bet that a specific golfer will beat another specific golfer.

When betting for someone to win, you might see the following layout:

Billy Blue 150/1
Jack Sprat 25/1
Bubba Doss 6/5

You simply pick the person you believe will win the tournament. Some sports betting sites have place betting where the golfer you pick only has to place and not necessarily win. This bet comes with much reduced odds.

2. You can pick a 3 ball. 3 names will be together and you pick the person that will score the lowest in the group. There are some groupings that are larger. For example you bet on the lowest score out of 6 golfers.

3. Future Bet. You can bet on what will happen in the future, like how many tournaments will Tiger Woods win?

0 15/1
1 10/1
2 2/1
3 10/1
4 15/1

Tips for Betting on Golf

    Most Reputable Site


    Bovada Sportsbook