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New York Attorney General Attempts To Make Daily Fantasy Sports Games Illegal

Eric Schneiderman, New York's Attorney General, is against all types of online wagering. If it's an activity whereby someone places money down in form of a bet, he wants to push the proverbial red button and turn the village into a parking lot. Recently, NY's AG sent scathing letters to the companies of FanDuel and DraftKings, saying that he considers fantasy sports to be gambling (because apparently he is law; he is hubris), and as long as these companies promote their services to New York residents, he is going to take legal action against them.

Senator McCain Calls for Legal Sports Betting

Gain insight into Senator John McCain's call for hearings to discuss expanding the range of legal sports betting in the United States. While he has made it clear that he considers online sports betting off the table for now, he is at least open to hearing what the country's people have to say on the matter.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Has Change of Heart - Openly Supports Legal Sports Betting

Learn more about David Stern's recent change of heart regarding the possibility of legal sports betting, and how he and his successor Adam Silver are calling for federal legislation reformation that would permit state licensed sports betting to expand beyond the four existing legal regions. Stern has gone from staunch opponent to strong supporter.

Fantasy Sports Leagues Keep Watchful Eye on Gambling Legislation

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, representing 170 members is keeping a close watch on current pending federal legislation that represents efforts at banning US based online gambling, despite the fact that several states have already legalized it for their residents, with several additional states in the process of doing so. Key members of the Fantasy Sports industry want to ensure that they are not lumped in with 'online gambling ban', claiming that fantasy sports betting requires a specific skill set to be competitive, and is most definitely not associated with chance or luck.

Ranking the FIFA World Cup Favorites After Spain's Upset Loss

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is setting some records and delivering some upsets that are down right jaw dropping. Nobody expected Spain to be eliminated early on after holding the championship title for the last six years. Find out who the 2014 World Cup favorites are, and who is expected to get left behind as the grueling tournament plays out, cluminating in the July 13 finals that will determine the best soccer team in the world.

Chris Christie Plea for New Jersey Sports Gambling Hearing Denied by US Supreme Court - 06/25/14

New Jersey state officials got their response from the Supreme Court concerning their appeal to a lower court's decision that prevents the state from offering sports betting options to their residents and visitors, and it wasn't the answer they were looking for. NJ voters overwhelmingly welcomed state licensed sports betting in their state, and once passed, they were hit with a law suit sponsored by the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL claiming that they were violating the PASPA passed in 1992. Chris Christie and the lawyers representing the state filed for an appeal to the Supreme Court that was rejected this week.

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