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Nascar Betting - Identifying the Best Legal Nascar Betting Sites

NASCAR enjoys an enormous fan base. This popular sport is second only to the NFL in TV ratings here in the United States. It's pretty obvious that there are a lot of fans who are devoted to the NASCAR industry, making legal access to NASCAR betting fairly important among sports bettors. At this point in time it is not legal to own and operate an online sports book within the United States. That being said, you will not find any sports betting sites which are licensed and regulated here in the US. NASCAR fans should not despair however, there are multiple legally licensed and certified legal Internet sports wagering options which provide a safe and secure betting environment and welcome players from the USA.

I personally have been participating at several of these brands for years. I am more than satisfied with the betting experience I received from these sites, rendering me pretty much indifferent concerning the America's struggle to embrace state-based sports betting and gambling. The Sportsbooks at which I play are located outside of the United States, and they are operating legally and legitimately within the industry and are subject to strict regulatory oversight. They also offer a feature rich experience that includes a nicely engineered mobile sports betting option. Because the Federal Wire Act has been deemed as the final word on domestically based sports wagering, and professional and collegiate athletic leagues diametrically oppose any type of legalize sports betting in the US, it is probably going to be quite some time, if at all, before any progress is made on this front. Since I'm not really looking for alternative betting options at this point, I find the situation inconsequential to my wagering activity.

NASCAR is an acronym that stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. This family owned and operated motor sport business was founded in 1947 by Bill France, Sr., and as of 2014 it is still in the family with Brian France serving as CEO. NASCAR maintains a strong presence at over 100 tracks spread out over 39 US states and Canada. They sanction over 1500 races annually. They also maintain a global presence having participated in exhibition races in Australia, Mexico, and Japan. Their headquarters are located in Daytona Beach Florida but they have offices in multiple locations across the United States .

They also maintain international offices in Mexico City and Toronto. Nearly all NASCAR teams are based out of North Carolina, specifically Charlotte. NASCAR races are broadcast in over 115 countries indicating an international following of this particular brand of motor sports. Of the 20 top single day events that are regularly attended in the world, NASCAR holds 17 of them. When it comes to sponsorship, Because NASCAR fans are considered to be extremely loyal, Fortune 500 companies sponsor NASCAR events and drivers more than any other sports.

There are three primary racing events that are highlighted in NASCAR racing. These are the Sprint cup Series, the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World Truck Series. A little further down on this page we will take a look at each of these headlining races. We will also discuss different ways to bet on NASCAR races. Our objective is to provide helpful information that assists bettors in understanding their legal NASCAR betting options, and how to understand the betting lines that are provided at sportsbooks.

The table directly below this paragraph provides some information on our recommended sports betting sites that offer a robust racebook that provides betting lines for Nascar races. We have carefully vetted each of these sites, and have ensured that they are legally licensed and certified, and subject to strict regulatory oversight. We also evaluated their operation from top to bottom, including their banking suite and withdrawal/deposit procedures to make sure they were among the fastest paying sportsbooks out there. We go into the results of our evaluations in detail in our sportsbook reviews, which cover each of these brands in detail, and offer valuable insight into their operations and what they have to offer.

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Betting on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The Sprint cup series really is the top-rated series for NASCAR, and is considered the highest level professional competition within the industry. The series spans a ten-month time frame. As you may have guessed from the name, Sprint is the official sponsor. This series is made up of 36 races. After the first 26 races, 16 drivers will advance and will be seeded based on their total number of wins. These 16 drivers will compete in the last 10 races. This is the portion of the series which is designated as the Chase for the Cup, also known as the Chase for the Championship. Changes announced in January of 2014 indicate that this portion of the series is going to undergo a name change to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase Grid. You can read about additional changes to the Sprint Cup Series structure at the Nascar Official Website. The Sprint Cup series kicks off with the Daytona 500 in February each year. Half of the 36 races that comprise the Sprint cup series take place in the Southeast US. The Daytona 500 is considered the Sprint Cup Series' most prestigious race. Cars used to race in the Sprint cup series have particular specifications, with EFI V8 engines that facilitate speeds over 200 mph, and a front engine rear wheel drive design.

NASCAR Nationwide Series

The stock car racing series known as the Nationwide Series is designated as the minor league circuit of NASCAR, and is used as a proving ground by drivers who are trying to work their way up to the top billed professional series: the Sprint Cup. The name of this series stems from the fact that Nationwide Insurance is the official sponsor. The series originated as the Busch Grand National series because it was sponsored by Budweiser. However their sponsorship ended in 2007 which then transitioned the series into what is now known as the Nationwide Series. 2014 will be the last title sponsorship for Nationwide, who is strengthening their sponsorship involvement to include car sponsorship and track sponsorships. They will remain the official insurance provider of NASCAR. The races in this series are typically held at the same facility and one day prior to Sprint Cup races scheduled for the same weekend, which is pretty convenient for fans who want to attend races from both series.

Of the top three series in NASCAR racing, the Nationwide Series is the only one that includes races that take place outside of the United States. The series is shorter than the Sprint cup by several races and the purse is quite a bit smaller. There are several NASCAR drivers who participate in both Sprint cup and nationwide series races in a single weekend. Drivers who do this often consider the Nationwide race to be a warm-up for the Sprint cup event taking place at the same track on the same weekend. Critics of this practice find this approach as controversial and see it as providing Sprint cup teams with an unfair advantage. Drivers who engage in dual series races have become known as Buschwhackers. To address this controversy, the 2011 season initiated a policy which limits drivers to competing for the championship in only one of the three NASCAR series, though they may still participate in all three.

Camping World Truck Series

NASCAR camping world truck series is the only one to feature race modified production pickup trucks. It is the third tier from among the three NASCAR racing series, and was established in 1994. Sears' brand Craftsman sponsored series from 1995 through the 2008 season, at which time Camping World became the sponsor. Though the series was considered something of an oddity initially, it has produced Sprint Cup Series drivers who never participated in the races for the Nationwide Series. This not only gave the series a little more credibility but also improved its popularity. This series is not NASCAR is headlining platform, however it has a decent fan base and remains an integral part of the NASCAR industry. You can learn more about this race series on the official Camping World Truck Series webpage.

How to bet on NASCAR races

Motor sports betting lines and wagering options differ from those in other sports, making them uniquely applicable to the nature of the industry. We will explain the two most popular types of betting lines which include race winners and match ups, we also mention the value of props and futures bets. NASCAR races are incredibly hard to predict because unexpected things always happen such as blown tires or accidents and injuries. The favorites of the odds makers seldom cross the finish line first. It is not unheard of for the 50/1 long shot to take the checkered flag after a series of unexpected crashes or accidents. Things can happen and change quickly during a race, and the odds cannot always predict that.

Race Winner Bets

Betting on the overall winner of the race is the most popular bet for NASCAR races. For most races the drivers field is significant and contributes to a decent payout even if you pick the favorite. Taking a long shot bet is actually not a crazy move in NASCAR. The Daytona 500 was one by a 150/1 underdog named Trevor Bayne in 2011. 2010 rendered a 16/1 winner named Jamie Mc Murray. These two examples show you how to surprise winners are not that uncommon simply because of the nature of the industry.

Race Matchups

In this type of bet, the sports book at which you are wagering will select two or more drivers in a matchup and the better has to decide which one out of that group will deliver the best finish. The driver you choose does not necessarily have to win the race in all cases, but simply needs to beat the others in the group. The matchup is often two drivers going head-to-head with the odds targeting who will have the faster qualifying time. The number of drivers in match ups varies and can range from 2 to 6 in most cases.

Futures Bets

These betting lines allow bettors to place wagers on races which are scheduled to occur sometime in the future. These types of bets often payout well because the sports book recognizes that you are taking more of a risk because things can change so much once the event draws near. NASCAR futures often include two options: betting on drivers qualifying for upcoming races, or betting on the overall winner of upcoming races. Due to the fact the NASCAR races are hard to predict in a lot of cases, many bettors consider futures to be no more risky than betting at race time. And the improved payout rates do make it tempting to engage in futures options. Keep in mind that the odds changed dramatically between the posting of futures betting lines and the actual event.

Props Bets

I consider props bets to be very enjoyable. The typically are directed at individual drivers and can include qualifying speeds and/or placing in the races, among many other options. I consider these to be 'add-on' bets that just make my overall betting experience on the event more fun and active during the race.

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