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Mobile Sports Betting - Where To Find The Most Reputable Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Mobile devices are claiming more and more of our daily lives as they evolve to provide functionality that we previously relied on computers, PDAs, and manual processes for. I admit that I would probably feel lost if I didn't I have my iPhone and iPad within close proximity to me at all times. As an avid bettor myself, I actually do the majority of my wagering from my iPad and some from my iPhone. I'm able to do this because my favorite sports book brands have embraced this technology and have developed mobile versions of their sports book offerings that I can access from all my devices. This way I can stick with my favorite brands for gambling without having to engage with third-party app developers in order to integrate my mobile devices into my online gambling activity. I really appreciate the seamless transition and not having to open a whole new account just to access sports betting for my smartphone and tablet. All of my favorite legal online sportsbooks also include their live in play betting options on their mobile platforms as well.

Sportsbooks who pull off the transition to mobile sports betting successfully all use responsive technology which renders the user interface perfectly by recognizing the operating system and device being used and responding accordingly. They've engineered their mobile applications to offer all the same features, bells and whistles, and an interface that is optimized for mobile use. Sportsbooks are not the only gambling venue that is taking advantage of mobile access, with multiple casinos also offering this service. Because I was able to stick with the same brands I've been betting with for years, integrating mobile sports betting into my repertoire was seamless and simple. Based on my experience, I recommend that you do your initial accounts set up through your PC simply because there's a lot of data entry and that's just easier on a computer. Once you register for an account, you can access their mobile platform via the hotlink they provide or possibly with a QR code that is provided in which case you would just scan the code using your smart phone or tablet and then be given direct access without having to navigate there.

Below we have listed the top rated brands which offer a mobile sports betting portal as a part of their online gambling offerings. We have carefully reviewed each of these platforms, and have found them to offer a secure, well dseigned and sophisticated mobile sportsbook interface. They are also among the fastest paying sportsbooks in the industry, ensuring you get your winnings timely and securely. They also have the strongest selection of betting lines and wagering options to support both US and international players in their sportsbook activity. Along with their current bonus information, we have also provided access to detalied sportsbook reviews which we have prepared through careful researcha nd evaluations. Once you determine a brand you would like to bet at, complete the registration process, and then access the mobile options that are available.

Top Rated Mobile Sports Betting Sites

1. Bovada Sportsbook - 50% Max $250

Bovada Sportsbook
  • Most Trusted Sportsbook
  • Only Caters To USA Players
  • Poker + Casino Betting Available
  • Fast Payouts, Mobile + Live Sports Betting

2. Betonline Sportsbook - 25% Bonus For Life

Betonline Sportsbook
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • 25% Reload Bonus for Life
  • Also offers Live Dealer Games, casino & poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting

3. - 25% Bonus For Life
  • $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • %25 Bonus on all deposits
  • Casino, live dealer games, poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting + Live In Play Betting

4. Bookmaker - 15% Up To $2500

Bookmaker Sportsbook
  • $2500 Welcome Bonus
  • Launched in 1997
  • Accepts USA Players
  • Offers a Mobile Betting App & Live Betting

Mobile Sports Betting FAQs

With mobile sports betting being relatively new to some people, there are some questions circulating about the possibility of participating. This next section of the guide will address some of those questions and hopefully will leave you feeling comfortable with the concept. We also provide some recommendations for safe, legitimate, and legal mobile sports betting sites to visit.

Is mobile sports betting safe?

Keeping your device updated with the latest software is a key element to ensuring that your device's security features are employed properly. In addition, the mobile sportsbooks that we recommend utilize the highest level of safety protocols and technology to protect your sensitive financial data at all times. The extensive evaluation of a brand's security profile is an integral part of our review process. Any brand which lacks in this area is never considered as a recommended option or any place that I would put my own money at. Any brand that I myself refuse to participate at will never be shared on the pages of this guide. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. As long as you select a mobile sports betting destination that is categorized as legal, legitimate, and secure, then you are minimizing if not eliminating any security risks that are out there.

Is mobile sports betting legal?

As long as you are accessing a legally licensed and certified mobile sports betting site, then yes it is absolutely legal to participate in mobile sports betting activity. At this time there are not any mobile sports betting options that are licensed and regulated by the USA. The legal operators are located outside of the United States at this time. Participating in an online Sportsbooks that is not operating legitimately within the industry could pose consequences for all involved. You will never run into this type of situation by visiting the brands which we recommend here. They've all been verified to hold legal licenses and compliance certifications, and they are each subject to strict regulatory oversight by governing jurisdictions.

What are the advantages to choosing mobile online sportsbooks versus sports betting apps?

There are actually multiple reasons to stick with the trusted brands in sports betting versus mobile applications which are made available through the various app stores. The first and most obvious reason is availability. The Google Play store does not allow any type of real money gambling applications for Android users, and any that are found in the iTunes App Store or other app stores have been created by third-party developers who are not necessarily online gambling experts nor do they have a history of running a successful and reputable online sports book for many years. I personally would not trust participating in gambling activity or transferring my money through any of these types of applications. It's not that I'm paranoid about digital technology; I am very tech savvy and integrate electron devices into as much of my life as possible. I embrace technology. My position is based in my long time experience as a seasoned sports bettor. Now there are some sports related apps that we like, such as applications that track scores, plays and statistics for you in real time, and applications that provide strategy tips and news concerning players and teams. Any kind of legitimate informational resource that you have your disposal is always an asset. And if it's available as an app that is right at your fingertips on your mobile device, then it's a winner.

I really appreciate and love betting on sports from my mobile devices. It just gives me the flexibility I need to engage no matter where I am. Let's be honest, life is really busy and we are not always at home during live in play betting to use the computer, or even place our wagers at the right time. If it wasn't for mobile access to sports betting, my wagering options would be drastically more limited. Not everyone relies on mobile access is much as I do, but I'm willing to bet that a lot of bettors that are in my situation. By accessing the brands which we recommend below, you are successfully limiting your access to only secure and trusted options which have been placed through an intensive review process. If you end up picking my personal favorite Bovada, then you should check out their mobile casino as well. You can learn more about each of these brands in our sports book review section, where we take a close look at each of these sites to give you a bird's eye view of what to expect from each of them.

Following are a few applications from the iTunes App Store that support your sports betting entertainment through providing stats, odds information, injury reports, and more.

    Most Reputable Site


    Bovada Sportsbook