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Legally Betting on NFL Football

US sports fans hold few things in as close esteem as they do their favorite football teams and players. The sheer volume of NFL fans provides a huge player base for betting on football in the US. American players are somewhat more limited in their options for legally betting on professional football than those players in other countries; however there are alternatives that don't require you to travel to Vegas for each game. This guide will provide you with helpful information for identifying and accessing legally sanctioned NFL betting sites, as well as information concerning the legal status of online football betting for US residents. Then to top it all off, we've provided some very insightful information on what to expect from this year's NFL season through an inside look into some key teams and players in the NFL. We have provided a similar page for you NCAAF fans with our legal college football betting guide.

A whole lot changes in the National Football League (NFL) from one year to the next. For this upcoming 2016-17 NFL season, you can see right away how much the landscape has changed. Tom Brady is nearly 40 years old. Peyton Manning is officially retired. Nearly a dozen teams are under new management. Some players are back from year-long injuries. And there's even a team in Los Angeles now, where there hasn't been since the Raiders in the '90s. For as much as people love football, they also have to adjust with the changing times, and this is especially true for those of you who like to bet on the games. On this site, we're going to provide you with a guide to bet on football legally. And not only are we going to help you approach this through the correct legal standpoint, but we're also going to help you stay updated with the changes in the NFL by listing out some of the biggest favorites in the NFL to win their division and perhaps even the Super Bowl. So if you want to know where your favorite teams stand this season, go ahead and check out our guide below.

Is Betting on NFL Football Legal in the US?

The answer here is yes and no. The answer that applies to your betting interests depends solely on where you are placing your bets. The Federal Wire Act and PASPA laws effectively combine to outlaw US based sports betting in the United States except for the few select destinations which are exempted from PASPA and are permitted to offer land based betting services, such as Las Vegas. However, these laws do not affect your access to online sports betting sites that are located and regulated outside of the US, and that hold authentic licensing from a respected jurisdiction. US federal laws do not make it a crime for US players to visit and participate at these betting sites, but rather outlaw US based online and offline sportsbooks from operating within the US. The key to keeping your NFL betting legal is to only consider placing wagers at those sites which have been verified as operating legally within the industry, holding the appropriate credentials for doing so. All the websites included in this guide have been approved by industry professionals as providing legal sports betting services to US players.

Trusted Legal NFL Betting Sites

The following websites are all listed here as top rated destinations for betting on NFL football teams and games. These sites have been approved by professional analysts who specialize in sports betting both online and offline. The vetting of these brands included verifying their licensing and regulating, ensuring their security profile exceeds industry standards, and evaluating the quality of their over all operation and services. These legal online sportsbooks all came through the process with complete satisfaction on all levels.

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NFL 2016-2017 - Likely Division Winners For AFC + NFC, Superbowl Contenders And Team Previews

Many people who bet on the NFL already know that there are a few perennial Super Bowl contenders, like the Pats and 'Hawks and other teams we'll touch on below in our Super Bowl section. Though while these teams might be the same for a few years in a row, you also have a new crop of contenders each year in the AFC and NFC who catch everyone by surprise. Call them surprise teams, dark horses, or whatever you'd like; just know that there are a few teams that fly under the radar every season that contend for division and conference crowns. There are 32 teams in the league; there's no real reason to stick with just one or two when you bet. So, in this section, we'll discuss a few NFL teams whose odds of doing well this season have greatly improved from last season. And by following these teams, you might be able to grab some extra cash in your football betting.

Teams Contending For AFC Divisional Crown

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have been dead weight in the league for about 15 years, and the dregs of the barrel's bottom for about a dozen in a row. However, they have some serious fire power now. They have a consistent coaching corp, rather than the carousel of coaches that they've had in the past. They have a legitimate top-10 QB talent in Derrick Carr, a young, strong-armed quarterback going into his 3rd season. They have a stud running back in Latavius Murray. And their wide receiving corp, featuring Amari Cooper from Alabama at its apex, is one of the best in the league. Couple that with the fact that Denver has fallen off this year, Phillip Rivers in San Diego is becoming an old man, and the Chiefs in Kansas City are always hit or miss, and Oakland is truly the front-runner of the AFC West this season. Don't be surprised to see them go 11-5 and take home the divisional crown. They may be a team worthy of your betting action this season.

Buffalo Bills

For football fans, and especially football betters, it's considered sacrilegious to go against the New England Patriots in the AFC East. However, the Bills are an up and coming team in the division. Not to even mention that this year is the year that Brady may ultimately end up serving his four-game suspension, which puts the Pats at a serious disadvantage. The Bills weren't anything special last year; just an improved team. However, they have really come into their own. They have some serious talent with Tyrod Taylor at the QB position, LeSean “Shady” McCoy at the running back, and a stud stable of receivers led by Sammy Watkins. They also have a stifling defense thanks to head coach Rex Ryan. The Bills' front defensive 7 may be the best in the AFC. It will be very tough to dethrone the long-time champion Patriots up there in New England, but this is a year where the Bills might just surprise everyone. Even if they can't grab the top spot, look for them to contend for the AFC Championship by way of a wild card berth.

Cincinnati Bengals

What the Bengals showed us last year is that even their back-up players are worthy of starting on an NFL playoff team. AJ McCarron, perhaps one of the best quarterbacks in Alabama's storied history, took over for an injured Andy Dalton last year and came within a defensive penalty of winning a playoff game. The Bengals are back at full strength this season, and what's even better for them is that other teams in their division are going in reverse. The Steelers and Ravens haven't acquired the type of talent one would expect, especially on defense, and this leaves Dalton and Green, Tate and Eifert in a fantastic position to put up big points. Rumor has it that Vontaze Burfict and Adam “Pac-Man” Jones have also gotten their acts together this season, so fewer on-field outbursts that cost 15 yards a piece may go a long way to helping the Bengals run away with the division. Cincinnati isn't a team we feel will punch their ticket for the Super Bowl this year. But keep your eye on a 12-4 division winner that ends up in at least the divisional round of the playoffs.

Teams Contending For The NFC Crown

New Orleans Saints  

The Carolina Panthers, also in the NFC South, ran away with the division last season, while New Orleans was one of the league's worst teams. However, a lot has happened in the off season. For starters, Drew Brees has finally gotten 100% healthy. This means he can utilize his weapons like Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead and Josh Hill more this season than seasons past. The Panthers also lost some key talent after losing the Super Bowl, mainly their stud defensive back Josh Norma, whose salary they refused to pay. With a weaker Carolina and teams like Atlanta and Tampa Bay being very short on overall defensive talent, this is a year that should see the Saints claim the division. Of course, it all boils down to the Saints' defense, as they've had an atrocious D for the past few seasons. But with a few key pick-ups at the linebacker and cornerback positions, New Orleans is looking a lot better than in years past.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins were a controversial team last season due to more than just their name. Because the NFC East was so ridiculously bad, Washington basically won the division by default, as the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all collapsed around them and couldn't even come close to winning an important game. However, in the midst of the other teams doing so poorly, Washington finally found a key system that works. No more of that read-option from a mobile QB stuff. Jay Gruden found that a simplistic pro-style offense worked rather well, and Kirk Cousins came on as a strong quarterback last season. This season, the offensive side of the ball has had a lot of time to get in sync, so Cousins to Pierre Garcon, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed should pay off for some big yards. Though they have also touched things up defensively, by acquiring Josh Norman from the Panthers as their ace CB. So a dynamic offensive with an improved defense puts Washington leaps and bounds ahead of anything else their division rivals are doing. At least on paper, we're looking at a 'Skins team that should be an 11-5 division winner.

Minnesota Vikings

How could anyone pick Minnesota to win their division when Green Bay is in that same division? Well, we understand that this one is more of a chance, as it's not a pick-'em division and seeing as Green Bay does rule the roost. However, Green Bay doesn't have much of an offensive line. Aaron Rodgers is constantly being hit and beaten up. And other than Jordy Nelson, they don't have much fire power on offense. On the flip side of that coin, Teddy Bridgewater is coming into his own as a QB, Adrian Peterson is 100% healthy this season, the offensive line has been improved, and Stefon Diggs and Jarius Wright are some pretty good wide-outs. Minnesota also has a very strong defensive secondary, with Terrance Newman, Captain Munnerlyn and Harrison Smith. The Vikings are our sleeper team. Even if they can't squeak by the Packers for the division crown, we can still see them vying for the NFC Championship in the playoffs. When you have a solid ground game with a mobile quarterback, you're never out of a game. The Vikings made the playoffs last season, and they're only improving.

Super Bowl Contenders – 6 Teams with the Best Shot at Winning Super Bowl 51

Now is a good time to get your future bets in on who will win superbowl 51. There are some great odds at the online bookmakers where you can get up to +40000 on your bet. Of course that probably doesn't make much sense to take Jacksonville to win it all. But the take away is that if you do like a particular team to go all the way, go ahead and visit our page for legally betting on the Superbowl in 2016-2017. Since you are betting on who will win before the season even starts, that's why the books offer such big odds.

Keep in mind that we were only speaking about potential division winners and playoff contenders in the above section. In this section, we're speaking about teams with a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl. When you peg these teams early on in the process, you have a great shot at winning big money via the futures bets. For instance, you can find teams that are 20:1 or +3000. You can look back at only last season. Who had an ancient Peyton Manning who couldn't throw winning the Super Bowl? Anyone who picked Denver early on made a lot of money when they won the Super Bowl. So, let's go over six contending teams. Some are the same as last year, as some of these teams are dynastic, but there are a few new additions.

Green Bay Packers

Even if the Packers can't sew up their division or a #1 seed in the NFC, they're still a threat to win the Super Bowl. Let's face the facts here: Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback playing in the NFL today. His TD/INT ratio is the best of all time, and his arm strength makes people forget about Brett Favre. He can throw any pass from anywhere on the field, and as long as he has a Jordy Nelson to throw to, Green Bay has the potential to score a touchdown on every single play. Even as a wild card team, the Pack can catch fire and demolish the competition en route to Super Bowl 51. They're currently 11/1 to win it.

New England Patriots

Although Tom Brady may end up serving a four-game suspension, the Patriots are 15/2 to win the Super Bowl, and for many good reasons. Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and Bill Belichick is already considered the greatest coach of the modern era. And while some people whine and complain that Brady doesn't have much to throw to, the fact of the matter is that the trifecta of Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski is literally unstoppable when healthy. The only way to defeat the Pats is to sack Brady, as the Broncos did last season. But with an entire off season to shore up that O-line, you can bet your bottom dollar that Belichick has filled in those holes. Buffalo might give them a fight in the division, but New England is still the league's favorite for a Super Bowl win.

Arizona Cardinals

With a little more time to throw the football in last season's playoffs, Carson Palmer may have led the Cardinals to Super Bowl 50. Palmer's QB rating was spectacular, and they easily had the best offense in the NFL. However, when they faced off against a tough D in Carolina, Palmer was constantly under fire and couldn't do much with the ball. The O line has been tweaked a bit this season, but what's more is that the key offensive system is still intact with Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, Jon Brown, and Chris Johnson in the backfield. In the NFC West, Arizona has a great shot at winning the division again and coming away as one of the top 2 seeds in the NFC. However, their toughest competition may just come from their in-division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks, which we'll discuss below.

Seattle Seahawks

Because of one of the league's greatest defenses and a quarterback who's amazingly intelligent and rarely makes a bad read or decision, the Seattle Seahawks have been in a position to win the Super Bowl for four years running. They fell off a bit last year, but it wasn't anything to do with their defense. They tried to front-load their offense with the big tight end Jimmy Graham and other offensive players, and they tried to shift more to becoming an offensive team, and along with Marshawn Lynch being injured for much of the year, the 'Hawks took a step back. But their new RB, Thomas Rawls, picks up just as many yards, and they've had a whole year with Graham and a chance to get used to a more score-happy offense. So, for this coming season, look for Seattle to compete for yet another Super Bowl title, with their tried and true hard-nosed defense and a new respect for scoring points. Whether a division winner or a wild card team, Seattle could easily rampage their way to a Super Bowl. They're 9/1 to win, the second best line in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers

At 10/1, oddsmakers have a lot of faith in the Steelers to win the Super Bowl, and it's fairly easy to see why. Big Ben is a top-10 QB talent, and Antonio Brown is considered to be the league's premier wide receiver. DeAngelo Williams is also healthy at the RB spot this season, so there's no longer a revolving door of second-string backs to carry the workload. Like the Arizona-Seattle beef in the NFC West, Pittsburgh's biggest competition may come from their rivals the Cincinnati Bengals. Though, if you could judge them on paper, Pittsburgh has a much stronger team and a better shot at reaching the Super Bowl. They were a fumble away last year from perhaps winning the AFC Championship. So we're not talking about a team that needs to rebuild. Even with over a dozen injuries to key guys, including Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers still almost defeated the champion Broncos. So, when healthy, this is a team to keep an eye on.

Denver Broncos

Not since the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 has a team won the Super Bowl with only defense and a cut-rate QB, but the Broncos made it happen with an old Peyton Manning who couldn't throw the ball further than 30 yards downfield, and so there's no real reason to think that they can't do the same this season with Mark Sanchez. While the Raiders will give Denver some serious competition in the AFC West, Denver is a threat so long as they make the playoffs. They still have great receivers like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, and if they can get Von Miller signed to go along with Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, Brandon Marshall and Bradley Roby, they'll have one of the league's best defenses again. Maybe the Broncos won't repeat, but at 12/1, they're currently one of the favorites to win it all.

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