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Ranking the FIFA World Cup Favorites After Spain's Upset Loss

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in the early going has resulted in the highest scoring tournament in more than 50 years. The initial dozen games of this year's World Cup have included upsets of Uruguay and Spain, and no tie outcomes. The first 12 games have also produced 41 goals in a sport not known as much for scoring as defense. The protests over the $11 billion World Cup cost to Brazil were put on the back burner, replaced by victorious celebrations in São Paulo's Vila Madelena neighborhood. Brazilians there were overjoyed after their national team came from behind to defeat Croatia 3 – 1. The 3.4 goals per match in the first dozen games since the World Cup began on June 12, coupled with Spain's second loss in the early rounds, reveal some high-scoring underdogs which could possibly taste World Cup Finals victory, if they can get past a few dominant favorites.

2014 World Cup Group Favorites

More than 204 nations battled through three years of qualifying stages to reach this point. Only the 32 best football (soccer for US readers) teams in the world were chosen to begin the 2014 FIFA World Cup back on June 12. The finals takes place on July 13, with 31 days of grueling, physical football determining a single victor. Those 32 teams have been divided up into 8 groups, with 4 teams each. In group A, powerful Brazil is showing as about a 1/10 favorite to win that group outright. Mexico is Brazil's only real competition in that group. In group B, Holland shows approximately 2/5 odds to win that group, with Chile improving to 7/4 after the underdog defeat of the reigning champion Spain.

Colombia, Argentina, Germany Virtual Locks to Win Their Groups

In group C, Columbia is so dominant against its competitors, that team is currently sporting 1/100 odds to win its grouping. In group D, England currently stands as the only country without a victory. Costa Rica and Italy go head-to-head Friday, June 20, each carrying 3 total points, with Italy as the current favorite to win that contest and group. Uruguay is another team in group D with a real possibility to win that grouping. France sits with 2/5 odds, and Switzerland is currently 2/1, to win group E. Argentina is the heavy favorite in group F, as is Germany in group G. The H grouping shows Belgium as the outright favorite there, with Russia roughly a 3/1 odds against as a possible group winner.

Home Country Brazil Looking for World Cup Title #6

After several upsets in the early going, the home country of Brazil stands as the favorite to win the 2014 World Cup. A virtual lock to reach the round of 16 and the quarterfinals, most sportsbooks and have Brazil currently as about a 3 - 1 chance to reach the World Cup Final on July 13. Brazil already holds 5 World Cup titles, the most of any country. Germany is also a favorite among online bookmakers to win the World Cup this year, showing approximately 5 - 1 odds against to make the final match. The talented Argentina squad is roughly a 4 - 1 candidate to make the World Cup Championship Game, and Belgium is currently a 6 - 1 bet to appear in the final matchup.

Obviously, odds change daily as games are played, and teams win or lose. The Netherlands, Columbia, Italy, France and Portugal are all talented underdog teams currently showing very attractive odds as potential 2014 World Cup victors. With three weeks of play left before what will certainly be a spectacular final matchup, nothing is guaranteed. After losing to an upstart Netherlands team by an incredible 5 - 1 margin, and then getting shut out by Chile 2 - 0, Spain's chances of pulling back-to-back World Cup victories are over. But previous to the tournament, they were one of the dominant favorites. Whether you bet on the remaining favorite teams, cheer for your national team, or place a wager on an underdog in this year's FIFA World Cup, one thing is certain. The only guaranteed winners during this year's exciting World Cup are the fans.

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