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Stanley Cup Betting - Finding Legal USA Stanley Cup Betting Sites For USA Players

The National Hockey League (NHL) has been around since 1917 and is currently a 30-team league that attracts players from all across the globe. While in America the NHL is behind other leagues like the NFL and NBA, and even MLB, speaking about hockey in particular, the NHL is the world's biggest draw for players from Canada, Russia, Finland, and everywhere else that hockey is a popular sport. While regular season NHL games and playoff games get their fair share of exposure, the Stanley Cup Finals are what really draw the viewers in.

The Stanley Cup Finals take place typically in the first week of June, acting as the final challenge for teams who have made it through the Eastern and Western Conference Stanley Cup playoffs. The Finals are played as a seven-game series, taking place on the home ice of the team whose regular season winning record was the best. Watching the Stanley Cup take place is an annual event for millions, but it also attracts an awful lot of gamblers. Betting on the Stanley Cup is like a game inside the game; there is a lot of money won and lost over the course of these games. But, of course, betting on the Stanley Cup isn't for any novice gambler.

Legal Hockey Betting Sites For The Stanley Cup

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Is Betting On The Stanley Cup Playoffs Legal For US Players?

The answer to this question is yes and no. US sports betting is not legal in most of the country. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act prohibits land based sports betting across the US with the exception of four exempted regions: Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. The Federal Wire Act prohibits US based online sports betting. Those two laws combined leave a very narrow range of legal sports betting options for US residents. Neither of these laws prevents US gamblers from engaging in licensed offshore sports betting. This guide provides information on legally sanctioned offshore sports betting to ensure you have access to the industry's leading legal sportsbooks.

Betting on the Stanley Cup

Before you rush out and throw your bets down on the team you think is favored to win the series, you would do well to absorb some different tips to help you navigate the field more fluidly. The more you understanding about how to bet, the more likely it is that you will win your bets.

A Quick User's Guide for Statistically Safe Betting

Recognize the Influence of Statistics

Statistics make a world of difference when betting. Take last year's Stanley Cup Finals as an example. The Los Angeles Kings weren't as popular as the New York Rangers, but prior to losing game four of the Finals, the Kings were on a 26-game winning streak, having won 23 straight before entering into the Finals against the Rangers. Now, the smart money would be on the Kings to continue this hot streak. Recognizing stats such as these can help you leverage better bets. Also take into account the team's record for home games vs. away games, how they do against the particular team in question, what their starting lineup is (e.g. are there any injuries?), and other bits of statistical analysis that will help you select the right bet.

Be Wary of Multi-Game Bets

While last year's bet for the Kings to win may have been solid due to their winning streak, you have to understand that hockey is typically more of a pick-'em style of set-up. In other words, such a streak is literally unprecedented; usually it's the case that teams might win three or four before losing, and prior to last year's five-game series, the Stanley Cup Finals are perennially six-game series at a minimum. So, to be safe, try to bet on a game-by-game basis rather than taking the long view for a series winner. Barring something exceedingly rare like the Kings' streak of last year, you never know what might happen in game five of a series to shift it, so performing analysis before each game and betting on one game at a time is the safest play.

Keep Wagers Controlled

Hockey lines are easy enough to understand, but they're unlike lines in other sports. For instance, you might find a line like: Detroit +110 +2 (-250); Colorado -120 -2 (+220). The first number is the moneyline; this, to put it simply, is a way to tell how much you need to bet to win. So, for Detroit, you would bet $100 to win $110. A low win, to be sure, but it's the safer bet. Whereas the second big number is the moneyline for the spread. If you're betting on Detroit, who is favored, then you're betting $27 for every $10 profit. Hockey lines don't offer quite as many options as other sports, so it's important to keep your bets controlled. Try sticking with strict point spreads or perhaps over/under bets on a final score, on a per-game basis. Don't get carried away with different prop bets and suchlike until you're completely familiar with the system.

Make Sure the Sports Betting Site is 100% Legitimate

Since US based sports betting is technically illegal in most of the country, and US based online sports betting is illegal across the entire United States, make sure the site with which you're betting is completely legal hockey betting site that is legitimate and licensed and regulated outside of US soil. You don't want to start entering your financial information into a site that may just end up locking you out. As a betting resource, check out our information for safe sites to bet on and safe betting practices. Half the battle is finding a safe home for your bets.

Remember to take things slow and easy while betting. Try to stick to a per-game betting basis and never overextend yourself with large bets. If you're willing to do some homework and make controlled bets, you will not only have fun but can actually win some good money.

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