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  • Name:BetDSI Sportsbook
  • Established:1998
  • Jurisdiction:Costa Rica
  • Software:Proprietary
  • Phone:1-877-223-8374
  • Bonus:50% up to $2500
  • Bonus Code:N/A -Use Links
  • USA Accepted:Yes


Known also by the name Diamond Sportsbook International, BetDSI is an online sportsbook based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a group that has a long history of providing top-flight sports betting for the entire globe, featuring all of the major sports and even a bunch that stand decidedly as niche sports. The site has been known as a legitimate player for quite some time, dealing in fair payouts, a ton of different betting options, quality software, and an open field for players in America. The site also stands out for its all encompassing nature concerning the gamblers who join up. For instance, it's the perfect site for someone who wants to put down $20 on a normal football game, or $20,000 on the Super Bowl. BetDSI easily accommodates high rollers, players who just like to tinker, and everyone in between. They have earned their standing as one of the web's best sportsbooks, and the site continues to do fair business with all its members.

What Makes BetDSI Legitimate?

The list of factors that work together to make BetDSI a legitimate site is rather long. For starters, the DSI group is renowned for its online betting. Another factor to consider is that the site goes to great lengths to reward loyalty. If you're a long-term member with BetDSI, then you will get to participate in many different promotions and earn some cash to play with. The site is also adorned across the bottom with the various certifications they have earned over the years, including SSL fair gaming certified, and Responsible Gaming certificates. These aren't just pasted images; only legitimate sites get to display these types of banners. That in itself isn't a guarantee, but when factored in with all the other evidence, BetDSI seems to be a very serious contender for one of the most legit sportsbooks operating today.

Bonuses and Promotions BetDSI Offers

The bonuses and promotions offered by BetDSI start out pretty much like any other site. For instance, new players get to take advantage of the site's 50% deposit match bonus. Now, this isn't as much as what a lot of other sites offer, but the perks here include BetDSI matching more money, and also players not having to go to such great lengths to claim the money. It's a trade off that can work in a player's favor. Most of the site's bonuses and promotions are given to loyal members. For instance, loyal members of the site have a Tuesday and Wednesday promotion where they can receive a 20% reload bonus if they deposit $100. Horse racing also pays back via 8% back across the board, 5% back on exotic wagers, and 2% back on wins. Plus the site is frequently changing its promotions from month to month, so always be sure to check in to see what's going on currently. You never know when they'll add another good promotion.

Betting Lines and Wagering Options of BetDSI

Part of the appeal of an online sportsbook is that they don't have to actually do a lot to add a sense of realism. With a casino, for instance, the tables and games have to be extremely realistic to get people's attention. With a sportsbook, all people really expect is a place to lay down their bets; they'll take over from there by watching the sports on TV, keeping up with the news, etc. But BetDSI does go above and beyond in this regard. Not only can you lay any type of wager with the site that you can in real life, but you can also check out a lot of live action (via live lines and live betting) via the site. So even though they don't have to promote any more realism than necessary, they try to. This leads to a ton of different wagering options, from basic line bets and parlays to proposition wagers and live pool betting options.

Types of Sports and Events Covered by BetDSI

BetDSI also stands out with their vast selection of sports covered. Of course, they cover all the majors like basketball, football and baseball (NCAA and pro leagues), as well as soccer, hockey and golf, but you can find much more happening here. Motor racing, such as NASCAR, martial arts (MMA and Asian), futures, and even politics are all different categories on which you can place wagers. We should also mention that DSI offers a nice racebook for those who enjoy legal horse betting. Elections might not be that fun to watch, but betting on them may be a different story entirely. This is the type of action BetDSI offers. If you like to place wagers, they will give you something to bet on.

Does BetDSI Have Mobile Sports-Betting?

Not much has really changed when it comes to sports betting. Sports are still played the same way. The lines are pretty much the same standard fare. People still bet for the same reasons. What's changed, however, is the way by which we place those bets. The Internet quickly replaced the phone and live bookies, and now mobile devices are replacing home computers. Tablet and smartphone users love to gamble because they can take their action around with them. BetDSI plays directly to this niche by offering up mobile gaming options for people who prefer on-the-go betting. Their mobile sports betting app is well designed and easy to navigate.

BetDSI Depositing Options Available

Something that has earned BetDSI big points is that they cater to players from the USA and most Americans have little to no trouble depositing money with the site. Now, that isn't to say that your particular state won't pass legislation tomorrow to make it more difficult for you. But for right now, people who want to deposit with BetDSI can do so via MasterCard/Visa, Click2Pay, Neteller, EcoPay, Entropay, InstaDebit, bank transfers, bank drafts, and P2P payment methods. Just give a quick look-see to make sure the method you're learning toward actually allows you access.

BetDSI Withdrawal Options Available

Unfortunately there aren't quite as many withdrawal options for BetDSI, but that's to be expected. You giving money to them is one thing; when they give money to you, well, they have multiple government agencies breathing down their collective necks. So you have limited options such as Neteller and P2P and Click2Pay, which are all instant. Then you have bank wiring and bank drafts, which will take a little longer to get the money to you. The important thing here is that these withdrawal methods are safe and you won't have to worry about your money freezing up mid-transaction.

BetDSI Sportsbook Summary

Overall, we can qualify BetDSI as a legitimate online sportsbook based on a wide range of criteria. For starters, the Diamond Sportsbook International group is a serious player on the gambling scene. They have a great track record and have always conducted themselves fairly with any online or offline venture. Not many companies can say that. Secondly, they offer quality options to their customer base, which includes quality customer support, incredibly tight website security, and a lot of loyalty perks to really keep people coming back to play again and again.

Lastly, BetDSI has an incredibly broad range of sports betting options, from some random Aussie rules match to live betting options for the World Cup and Super Bowl. They also have other games and betting options outside of sports, so they have something to keep every type of gambler happy. They're like a one-stop shop for all things gambling.

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